Interview with Cathy Hammond


How did Atlas Peak Olive Oil get its start? 
Some of the olive trees were planted in 1882 when the property was homesteaded. I started Atlas Peak Olive Oil when we moved to the ranch full time around 1998.
What do you consider to be most rewarding about your work?
I find it very rewarding to have restarted the family homestead again. Also growing organically though the years.
How does the Napa Farmers Market support your business?
The Napa Farmers Market is my store front. Being a small family business this allows me to get my products to the people.
What’s your go-to summer recipe?
I really enjoy my Plain balsamic vinegar over my Rodriguez strawberries with whip cream.
What’s your favorite part about working at our market?
I really enjoy seeing all the new faces. I’m glad the folks are really feeling safe about shopping at the Napa Farmers Market. Love being a part of the market vendor family. Great group!