by David Layland

Napa Valley Register

Coming up on Saturday, Nov. 24, is our first ever Holiday Bazaar. We thought an event like this would be the perfect way to showcase some of our vendors who sell items perfect for holiday giving. This is also the first market of our inaugural winter market season so it will be an historic event for the market.

For coffee lovers, Ohm Coffee Roasters and Bentley Napa Valley both sell coffee beans and a coffee-based rub that can be used on most any cut of beef, pork, or lamb. I have used Ohm’s rub on Farmer Joy’s pork shoulder, and I like the mild coffee flavor it imparts. Ohm makes their rub with decaffeinated coffee as they found using regular coffee could result in a bit of a buzz people may not want at dinner time.

If you are looking for olive oil, Atlas Peak Olive Oil and Long Meadow Ranch produce olive oils from trees growing on their properties. Atlas Peak also produces cured olives and spice mixes. Long Meadow Ranch’s offerings include house made hot sauce, jams, beef jerky and wines for holiday entertaining.

Dogs will be very appreciative if they receive smoked bones from Sonoma Mountain Beef, treats from Drool Dog Cookies or a special dinner of organic human-grade dog food from Napa Dog. Life is good if you are a pooch on the receiving end of any of these delectable.

Something a little different can be found at Far West Fungi, which sells mushroom jerky or perhaps chimichurri sauce from Cocina Milonga. Handsome Carver sells nut butters that have a multitude of uses. Try their Chipotle Peanut Butter for a steak or chicken marinade, add to any stir-fry or mix with coconut milk for a savory peanut sauce.

Farmer Joy sells honey and walnuts, which make great gifts on their own but you can take it a step further and make honey roasted walnuts to give as holiday gifts. J & J Ramos also sells walnuts as well as almonds, raisins and trail mix.

One of our newest vendors, Matcha Marketplace, offers a variety of packaged teas, oatmeal and soup mixes. With the weather in the morning turning cooler, it’s a perfect time for making oatmeal.

Pasta Poetry makes a variety of handmade pastas. Pair a box of their capellini with olive oil, garlic and a hard cheese or grating and you have an Italian favorite, Aglio e Olio, made with local ingredients.

If you want to make someone’s holiday very special, there will be cookies from local favorite Annie the Baker.

Also at the Holiday Bazaar will be our artisans making and selling everything from leather goods to jewelry to fabric arts and dried floral decorations.

Saturday, Nov. 24, is Small Business Saturday, so shop at the market and support local small businesses.

Mushroom Pappardelle

Recipe courtesy of Linda Scheibal, Pasta Poetry

Pappardelle or fettucine, about 8 ounces

Fresh porcini or any combo fresh wild mushrooms (around a pound)

Olive oil and butter

1 shallot, chopped

Dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc

Parsley, arugula or basil, chopped

Bring a pot of water salted with sea salt to a gentle boil.

Using several varieties of choice (porcini, cremini, oyster, shiitake, etc.), cut mushrooms uniformly but in different shapes.

In a large pan, slowly saute mushrooms using good fresh olive oil and butter. Add chopped shallots to taste. Cook until golden brown on both sides and add a big splash of a high-acid white wine.

Cook pasta until barely tender and then add pasta, still dripping with water, to mushroom mixture, tossing several times to coat until texture is just right for you. Add pasta water if necessary and season with salt and pepper.

Arrange on a hot plate with a swirl of your best olive oil, chopped fresh parsley, arugula or basil and fresh lemon zest to taste.

NOTE: Don’t forget this is just a map. Many wonderful flavors go beautifully with porcini so be inventive. Just beware of over-saucing. This authentic “laminated” or rolled pasta stands alone, is delicate and porous and does not tolerate massive saucing techniques used with extruded products. Choose fresh and uniform mushrooms. Use more than a pound if you like, but try not to overdress the pasta. Always add water to have a nice wetness about the sauce if it begins to absorb and dry a bit.

David Layland is president of the Napa Farmers Market board of directors.