Flooded farm fields

Help our farmers recover

Small farmers are the heart of our Napa Farmers Market, and we want to support them during difficult times. Two of our beloved farmers, Picoso Farms and Orozco Farm, need our immediate help with donations.

This winter’s flooding events in the California Central Coast caused massive loss of crops, flooded fields, and damage to farm infrastructure. Please donate to each farm’s GoFundMe to directly help them get through this difficult time.

Donate Now: Picoso Farms
Donate Now: Orozco Farm

Picoso Farms

Maria “Nancy” Nuñez and her partner, Jose Garcia, have been coming to the Napa Farmer Market with her family’s farms (Tu Universo and Avila Farms) since 2020. At the beginning of last year, Nancy and Jose joined the market with their own farm, Picoso Farms. They are dropping their other markets due to loss caused by the flooding, but will continue to come to the Napa Farmers Market because of the strong support from our community of regular shoppers.

Nancy and Jose Picoso Farms

Orozco Farm

Higinio Orozco just started his CCOF Certified Organic farm last year and the Napa Farmers Market was his very first farmers market. Higinio’s entire property flooded causing him to drop our market while he moved to a new location. Just as the Orozco family was getting started planting again, their new location flooded as well.

Higino Orozco Farm