The Farmers Market in Napa Special Events

napa special events
Napa Farmers Market

Throughout the season, we offer a number of Napa special events hosted by the Farmers Market. We hope you will view the calendar and join us! From educational activities to fundraisers to pop up dinners, we provide a number of different events that highlight our farmers, artisans and amazing local and seasonal ingredients. Some of our upcoming events will include:

  • Pop up dinners in the summer of 2018 featuring local chefs and farmers market ingredients
  • Visit a farm and have lunch
  • Food photography class
  • Shop with a chef
  • Cooking classes from the farmers market
  • Visit a winery and have lunch with farmers market ingredients

Please visit our calendar and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch and learn more when each event is announced.

Interested in being a sponsor or partnering with the Napa Farmers Market for an event? We’d love to hear from you!