Napa Farmers Market FAQ

About Us

What is the Napa Farmers’ Market?

The Napa Farmers’ Market is a collaboration between its vendors and loyal shoppers. The market’s mission is to support local farmers and provide a place for the community to purchase sustainably grown produce, specialty food and artisan goods direct from the source. Educating the consumer, preserving the environment and providing a place for non-profits to promote their causes are key objectives of the market.

Who operates the Napa Farmers’ Market?

The Napa Farmers’ Market is run by a nonprofit organization operated by a part-time market manager and three part-time market assistants and overseen by a volunteer board of directors from the community.

What will I find at the Napa Farmers Market?

Depending on when you visit, you will find a variety of certified organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, farm eggs, nuts, cheese, meat, craft beer and fresh flowers. Some vendors offer locally made crafts such as jewelry and leather items. Others offer prepared foods such as tamales or baked goods. We also have a fresh fish vendor to complement the agricultural products for sale.

When is the Napa Farmers’ Market open?

The Napa Farmers’ Market is open every Tuesday and Saturday, May through October, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., rain or shine.

Do the vendors only accept cash?

Cash is the primary method of payment at the market. However, some vendors do accept credit cards. Some vendors also honor WIC and EBT is available at the information table.

Why should I shop at the Napa Farmers’ Market when my supermarket sells organic produce, some of it local?

Shopping at a farmers’ market benefits vendors because they receive a retail price rather than a wholesale price. Shoppers have access to many heirloom produce varieties and opportunities to build relationships with growers who can advise about selecting, storing and cooking what they grow. At a farmers’ market, you can often taste before you buy, so you can purchase produce at peak ripeness. What’s more, produce at the farmers’ market was often picked the day before, so you have access to foods at their freshest.

The Napa Farmers’ Market is a community experience, where you can meet neighbors, friends and farmers, and where more of your dollars will stay in the community.

Shopping at the Napa Farmers’ Market also lowers your carbon footprint. By purchasing produce from local farmers, you help reduce the number of miles these foods travel before they reach your table.

Where is the vendor I bought produce from last week?

While most of our vendors come each week, some come only on certain days. Please visit the “Meet our Vendors” page on our website or ask the market manager if you are looking for a specific vendor.

Why aren’t dogs allowed at the farmers market?

California Health & Safety Code 114259.5 stipulates that live animals aren’t allowed at certified farmers’ markets. Service dogs are welcome, but pets are not allowed at the farmers market. Please leave your pet at home or at a safe place outside of the market.

I’ve lost something at the market.

Please contact market manager Charlotte Billings at or inquire at the Information Booth upon your next visit.

Where do I park?

The market has plenty of parking. There is a parking lot in front of the Century Theater where the market is located, and another parking lot on the east side of the theater. Consider riding your bicycle to the market. A bike rack is available.

My organization wants to have a table at the Napa Farmers’ Market. How can I arrange this?

We are pleased to welcome 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to our vendor mix at the Napa Farmers’ Market. Please complete the vendor application on our website for consideration.

What is a Certified Farmers’ Market? Is the Napa Farmers’ Market a certified market?

Yes, the Napa Farmers’ Market is a Certified Farmers’ Market. CFMs have been approved by the county agricultural commissioner. At a CFM, certified farmers sell directly to the public agricultural products that they have grown.

How many vendors come to the market?

While the number varies from week to week, the Napa Farmers’ Market expects to host an average of 60 vendors per market throughout the 2016 season.

Do I need to bring my own bag to the market?

The City of Napa’s single-use bag reduction ordinance went into effect on January 1, 2015. There is an exemption for produce bags (no handles), which farmers may provide, however, you will need to bring your own bags to carry your items or you may purchase a reusable bag at the information booth.